GOA Leadership/Committees

Your 2023-2024 GOA Board of Trustees

President, Dr. Nacondus G. Gamble

Immediate Past President, Dr. John E. Titak

President-Elect, Dr. Nadine Humen Forche

Treasurer, Dr. Frank Winski

Secretary, Dr. Lauren Dyak

Trustee Districts 1, 2, 3 & 8, Drs. Erika Morrow and Julia Harrison

Trustee Districts 4, 6 & 11, Drs. Rebecca Goad and Stephen Summerow

Trustees District 5, Drs. Robert Butterwick, Mahsa Masoudi, and Anisha Haji

Trustee Districts 7, 9 & 10, Drs. Joe Rouw and Brian Atkinson

Trustees At-Large, Drs. Melonie Clemmons and Keylee Brown

GOA Board of Trustees

The GOA is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees consisting of five executive officers and 10 trustees. The term of each executive officer is one year. If you have a question or would like to contact any member of the Board of Trustees please contact the GOA office at 770-961-9866.


List of GOA Committees 2022-2023

The GOA's Committee roster provides members with the opportunity to become involved within the association and make their voices heard. Member participation is essential to ensure a thriving and successful association. Please read the committees below and contact the GOA office if you are interested in serving. 



Chair: Dr. Charlie Ficco 

  • Plans and organizes GOA-sponsored continuing education
  • Assists in finding and selecting speakers and topics for GOA CE programs
  • Helps with onsite class monitoring
  • Assists GOA staff with gaining COPE approval for continuing education courses


Chair: Dr. Erika Morrow 

  • Designs and implements strategic programs to maintain and grow the GOA's membership
  • Committee designates one member to act as the student liaison to develop relationships with the schools of optometry specifically in the southern region
  • Reaches out to current members considering dropping their membership in an effort to retain them


Chairs: Dr. Shundale Mixon and Dr. Jessica Patton

  • A committee for newly licensed optometrists to meet and network with one another in a social setting, in turn increasing their involvement with the GOA
  • Identifies issues affecting newer optometrists and how the GOA can provide further guidance
  • Brainstorms and implements ideas on how to increase involvement with the younger members
  • Recruits and engages other young ODs to network and participate in GOA events and committees


Chair: Dr. Nacondus G. Gamble

  • Works with our Public Relations consultant to raise public awareness of Georgia optometry with the goal of having committee members from across the state aid in local PR efforts


Chair: Dr. Anisha Haji

  • Provides services designed specifically for optometrists employed in a corporate setting
  • Conduct focus groups and enhance communications to assist corporate affiliated ODs become more involved with GOA, increase practice revenues and improve quality care to patients


Chair: Dr. Rebecca Briggs Garnier

  • Raises funds for the GOA PAC through membership contact campaigns, social media and other means. 


Co Chairs: Drs. Joe Rouw and Nadira Shadeed

  • Increases optometry’s participation in charitable and community health events
  • Creates network of optometrists throughout the state interested in performing courtesy eye care services for those in need and provides information on those events in need of optometrists
  • Supports work of PR Committee to promote public education regarding the importance of eye care and eye exams

Each committee is to be made up of a chairperson or co-chairs and with additional members based upon interest and availability. All committees will convene twice per year after business hours at the GOA headquarters at 400 West Peachtree Street NW, Suite 201, Atlanta, GA. The times and locations will be at the discretion of the chair.

Get involved and make your voice heard. Help strengthen our association and Georgia optometry. Sign up by contacting the GOA office at 770-961-9866.