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On July 14, 1904, the Georgia Optical Association (the forerunner of the Georgia Optometric Association) was formed under the leadership of President C. E. Folsom in Atlanta. 

The group immediately embarked upon an effort to obtain state recognition of the practice of optometry, which it received when legislation making Georgia the 38th state in the nation to gain legalized optometry was signed into law in 1916.

The Georgia Optometric Association remains as strong as ever with over 700 members serving communities throughout the state of Georgia. We are committed to providing doctors of optometry in Georgia with the information and resources they need so they can provide the best care possible for their patients.

GOA Mission Statement: Advancing eye and health care by supporting Doctors of Optometry.

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The Georgia Optometric Association is committed to providing its optometrists with the resources they needs to operate a successful and thriving practice. We are working harder than ever to bring you more "members-only" benefits that provide you with access to important services which offer you valuable assistance and save you money. Journey with the GOA below to learn more about the types of benefits offered. 

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Optometry is a legislated profession. As a legislated profession, there are threats to your practice status EVERY year including the way you receive your licenses, disciplinary actions, scope of practice, access to patients and more. Therefore it is essential we elect officials who will champion the causes of our profession and represent the needs of our patients and practices. 

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