Resources for New Licensees, Residents, & Students

New to Georgia? Questions about licensure, continuing education requirements, or GOA membership? You've come to the right place!

For the "How To" guide to apply for licensure in the state of Georgia, please see the state board's website here.

License Renewal & Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

The licensing period in Georgia is every two years (biennium). The biennium licensing 2 year cycle always begins in the even year (2022) and ends in the odd year (2023). The CE requirements for new licensees depend on whether an optometrist is licensed in the even or odd year. See below:

Graduates/New Licensees to GA in 2022 - 2022 graduates are coming in during the 1st year of the 2 year cycle, so instead of needing 36 hours total (standard for 2 year cycle), 2022 graduates only need half of those hours (18) by the end of 2023. The Georgia State Board of Optometry does not check CE every year, they do not care whether the hours are taken this year or next year. Only that they have the required number of hours completed by December of 2023.

Graduates/New Licensees to GA in 2023 - 2023 graduates are coming in during the 2nd year of the biennium, so they would not be required to have CE for their license renewal at the end of 2023, but starting 2024 for the new biennium, they are entered into the full two year term and are required to have 36 hours by the end of 2025.

For Residents - They should look at it the same way, i.e. if a resident was licensed in GA and began their residency in 2021, they did not need CE to renew their license for 2022 (since it was the last year of the cycle). Beginning in 2022, they are in the full cycle and would be required to have 36 hours total by end of 2023. If they were licensed in GA and began their residency in 2022 (the 1st year of the cycle), they are required to have 18 hours of CE by end of 2023.

Read more of the state board's rules here.

GOA Membership for New Licensees, Residents, and Students

Discounted membership rates are offered to new licensees and residents in the state of Georgia. Free membership is offered to students who intend to practice in Georgia. To apply for membership, see the application below.

2024 Membership Application